Emotional intelligence is the subject of an article which recently appeared in the Huffington Post. David Miller, founder and CEO of PeachCap, describes financial decisions through the lens of emotional intelligence in his book Wealth Kryptonite, co-authored with Ridgely Goldsborough.

The book describes the seven distinct types or avatars, including connectors, givers, problem solvers, masters, rebels, perfectionists and innovators.

“I have spent several years organizing my team into seven groups, or avatars, of emotional intelligence,” Miller explains. “These seven archetypes are connected to a core strength (superpower) as well as a weakness (kryptonite). As a result, it is possible to know from day one of a new team member’s journey with my company which employees they will work well with, what subgroups they will bring the most value to, and what support we need to provide to help them excel.”

Miller and Ridgely point out that emotional intelligence utilizing avatars can lead to three advantages when used in a corporate setting.

  1. Team Cohesiveness
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Sense of Belonging

Read the whole article here: Emotional Intelligence – Wealth Kryptonite