Democratizing the Family Office Model

PeachCap is disrupting the financial services industry by democratizing the Family Office Model.

For many decades the ultra-wealthy have relied on a combination of family focused experts – including investment analysts, asset managers, tax generalists, tax specialists, real estate experts, estate planning specialists, and psychologists to handle their financial affairs. The cost of employing these experts could run into the millions of dollars, making the Family Office Model available only to the most elite, high net-worth families across the globe… until now.

PeachCap, through utilizing the proper balance of digital and human touch, are making a similar set of services available for the people of main street. Today, PeachCap are driving benefits for single and double digit millionaires by empowering financial advisors with a combination of investment intelligence, tax intelligence, and emotional intelligence solutions. The results are impressive, creating stronger relationships between advisors and their clients, as well as tax-sensitive investment strategies that can lead to improved financial results for investors.

Investment Intelligence

PeachCap’s investment intelligence arm, Pêssego Global Analytics, is your single source for research, investment guidance, and asset management, bringing the institutional experience to main street. Our experienced in-house team of research analysts monitor domestic and international markets, securities, governments, industries and economies. By leveraging Pêssego, you capitalize on a full range of investment opportunities, including private equity, separately managed accounts and managers, and custom real estate offerings.

Emotional Intelligence

PeachCap’s Avatar framework allows you and your clients to rapidly connect on an emotional level. Once you discover the Avatar of a client, you know how to relate with them, communicate with them, and support their financial objectives based on their own world view. In other words, you are better equipped to focus on them and their true goals without the need for lengthy, tedious or even unpleasant “getting to know you” periods.

PeachCap understands that emotional intelligence is at the core of financial planning. We must understand clients’ dreams and goals and make sure they stay on track to achieve them. This means our role is to advise our clients about their money and manage their emotions.

Emotional intelligence tools allow you to do this with clients in a turnkey, enjoyable, and mutually beneficial fashion.

Tax Intelligence

PeachCap provides you and your clients with a coordinated and smooth tax and investment experience. To maximize your clients’ financial plan requires a combination of professional advice from a tax professional and clear communication with you as the investment advisor. PeachCap breaks down tax intelligence into four main areas: FinTax™, advisory, tax & research, and audit & assurance. A lack of specialization in each of these 4 areas makes it difficult to implement an effective and proactive strategy for any client. Your designated tax advisor works with you and your client to offer comparable benefits of a single-family office (aka uber-rich family business). You and your client both reap the rewards.

From the Advisor Perspective

Advisors join our combined team of CPA and Tax Firm, Registered Investment Advisor, and Broker Dealer. We then train you to run a digital family office practice with the appropriate human touch across contrasting generations. CPA’s and Tax and Financial Professionals share how to integrate tax advisory and accounting into your practice with your assigned PeachCap FinTax advisor.

We also provide access to our emotional intelligence tools to create a higher level of awareness with your clients and increase your ability to communicate effectively. This allows you to read between the lines and respond to what a client is actually saying to you and their spouse or partner about their money decisions.

Beyond traditional investment opportunities, we support and educate you on high-end direct real estate and private equity offerings to capture a larger wallet share of client assets. You continue to work alongside our extended team of family office professionals after you complete your initial training.

The Human Touch

In the digital age, the right combination of insights driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and human reasoning is crucial to providing effective financial advisory services.

Our integration of human rationale is aligned to our three pillars of the Family Office Model:

Investment Intelligence: A designated Pessego Global Analytics associate provides support on allocation guidance, research, manager review, and trading for you and your clients. This point of contact has a direct line of communication with our Traders, Analysts, Private Equity Operators, Direct Real Estate Operators, and our Investment Policy Committee to ensure your client portfolios are receiving real time market data and trends in both the public and private markets.

Tax Intelligence: A designated Tax Advisor/CPA works with you and your clients to maximize investment and tax strategy synergies. Our tax professionals train you to identify financial planning strategies from a CPA’s perspective that uncover opportunities to keep you involved with the client’s tax situation thereby increasing your compensation.

Emotional Intelligence: PeachCap’s emotional intelligence experts have discovered thousands of client Avatars that will help strengthen your client relationships. We use educational material around emotional intelligence for both you and your client to increase your communication efficiency, trust and, personal bond.