PeachCap CEO David Miller was recently featured in an article about the democratization of the family office model. Here are some highlights from the article. The full article is at the link below.

“Family offices are being democratized. Until recently, the family office was traditionally a small, non-bank entity that handled the finances for one super rich client. Entrepreneurs have begun to step into this space by creating entities that allow individual CPAs and financial advisors to augment their services and recreate the family office experience at lower levels. This enables them to service high-net-worth individuals who are looking for the personal attention found in a family office, but who cannot afford the luxury services of the ultra-wealthy.

‘The traditional family office model can be retooled to make it more accessible to more people,’ explains David Miller, founder and CEO of PeachCap. ‘By centralizing back office support and empowering CPAs and financial advisors with the tools they need to manage more complex tax, accounting, and wealth management strategies, top shelf financial and tax services become available to more people.’”

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