Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit my tax return documents?

You can submit your tax source documents several ways. The most efficient way to submit is to upload your documents to your secure NetClient CS portal. Click HERE  for more information on NetClient CS. Alternatively, you can mail copies or drop copies at our office. Please note that you should keep your original tax documents for your records.

What tax & accounting services are available?

Click HERE for an overview of our Tax Services. 

Click HERE for an overview of our Accounting Services.

What is your process for preparing my return?

Click HERE for an overview of our tax filing process.

Do you keep my original tax documents?

No, we do not. Clients are responsible for maintaining their own source documents. 

What are the 2019-2020 tax deadlines?

2020 Tax Filing Due Dates (Tax Year 2019)
Form W-2 & certain 1099-Misc (electronic or mail)
Form 1065 – Partnerships
Form 1120-S – S Corporations
Form 1040 – Individuals
Form 1041 – Trusts and Estates
Form 1120 – C Corporations
Form 990 Series – Tax Exempt Organizations
Extended Due Dates
Form 1065 Extended Return
Form 1120-S Extended Return
Form 1041 Extended Return
Form 1120 Extended Return
Form 1040 Extended Return
Form 990 Series Extended Return

How do your tax & accounting fees work?

We encourage all new clients to meet or speak with a member of our tax or accounting team for a free initial consultation. At this time, we will gain a better understanding of your situation and the tax and/or accounting services that are appropriate for you. After this consultation, we provide an engagement letter and price for all tax and/or accounting work that is to be completed.  

How do I access my client portal?

To access your NetClient CS  portal, please click here:

What if I can’t access my portal or I don’t know my log in?

Please contact one of our Tax Administrators if you need assistance with password resets or portal access troubleshooting.

Phone: 404.220.8958 

Alison Biello
Email: [email protected]

Who do I contact if I have a question about my return?

For questions about our tax process, payments, and portal access, please contact our Tax Administrators:

Phone: 404.220.8958

Alison Biello
Email: [email protected]

For questions about tax or accounting engagements and work, please contact your preparer. 

How do I know if my tax return is complete?

Once your return has been completed, you will receive a notification via email. You will then be able to access and review your return within the NetClient CS portal. For more detail on our tax filing process, click HERE.

Where do I view & pay my invoice?

Your invoice is accessible and payable within the NetClient CS portal. For more information on this portal, click HERE.

How do I know if my return has been filed?

 After your return has been loaded to NetClient CS, your invoice will be posted. Clients then review their return and pay their invoice. After your payment has been made, you will receive your tax return signature request via our E-Signature provider. This will be delivered to your email on record. After signing your return electronically, your return will be e-filed within 72 hours.

I don’t live in Georgia. Can I still work with your tax & accounting teams?

Yes, we work with clients across the country and around the globe.

For your accounting clients, what software do you work with?

We use Accounting CS and Quickbooks. If clients are in need of accounting software, we offer client access to Accounting CS.


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