Peachtree Family Offices LLC (“Peachtree”) and their family of companies provide various services and products including but not limited to financial counseling, global investment research, investment advisory services, investment guidance and other services. Peachtree’s services may consist of, but are not limited to, creating an individual retirement and/or estate plan, assisting individuals to formulate a program to maximize the benefits of their employers’ existing compensation and benefits programs, to manage income based needs of individuals, and to develop an individual retirement program and/or estate plan.

Tax treatment is subject to change retroactively by law and you should consult with your tax advisors (Peachtree or a third party) regarding any potential investment and/or investment related or non-investment related transaction. Peachtree does not provide legal advice and you should consult with your own legal representative regarding any potential strategy. The client retains responsibility for any and all investment decisions.

Depending on the particular company or individuals needs to which a program may apply, Peachtree may analyze the financial status of a counseled individual’s sources of income, assets, liabilities, emotional expectations, family commitments and responsibilities, and the effect of a particular potential or existing income and estate tax structure. Products and Services offered through Peachtree’s affiliated parties and or representatives may assist individuals to provide asset allocations across a wide spectrum of asset classes to facilitate an understanding of how certain decisions may affect the person(s) financial outcome.

Peachtree may include foreign accounts or assets in financial planning discussions or related exhibits; however, it is the sole responsibility of the client to comply with any legal and financial disclosure obligations of the laws of any country to which the client is subject. Peachtree will rely on information provided by the client or their legal representative when including foreign assets in financial planning strategies or discussions. There may also be related exhibits that also are the sole responsibility of the client. Peachtree does not verify the accuracy of the any information concerning foreign accounts or assets.

Depending on the type of relationship engaged and unless Peachtree specifically agrees in writing, Peachtree does not act as a fiduciary with respect to an individual’s assets. Unless Peachtree specifically agrees in writing, with respect to an individual’s interest in a retirement or investment plan, Peachtree will provide only investment guidance, not investment advice. This material has been prepared by Peachtree Family Offices LLC (“Peachtree”), which is an affiliated and a related party to a Broker Dealer, Registered Investment Advisor, Asset and Fund Management Company, and Tax Firm. This material is for information only and is intended for educational purposes only in order to facilitate your discussions with Peachtree. This is not considered an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of an investment product or security. This material is based upon information we consider reliable, but Peachtree does not hold this information as accurate or complete. This material should not be relied upon as such. Opinions expressed herein are just opinions and should not be acted upon.

As an accommodation to the individual or company, Peachtree may include investments managed by unaffiliated parties in asset allocation discussions. Any decision to invest with an unaffiliated party is determined solely by the client.  Peachtree and its affiliates are not responsible for the actions of any unaffiliated party. Peachtree and its affiliates will not be liable for any losses suffered, directly or indirectly as a result of any unaffiliated party.  Peachtree will rely on information provided by clients or their agents when including an unaffiliated party in discussions around these unaffiliated investments. Neither Peachtree nor its affiliates verify the accuracy of the information concerning unaffiliated parties provided by clients or their assigns. Peachtree’s actions regarding unaffiliated parties may differ and/or conflict with investment decisions made by Peachtree’s affiliates.

Peachtree may be paid a fee from the corporate client and/or from an individual of that company to whom services are rendered. Certain corporate clients may impute a portion or the entire fee to individuals in their employ. Fees may vary based on a number of factors including but not limited to tax preparation, overall complexity, scope of services, size of assets being allocated, and counseling services that are not considered investment advice (i.e. Avatar Consulting Services).

Potential Conflicts of Interest

Peachtree may recommend securities or investment products, including those offered by its affiliates. This could lead to conflicts of interest of which you should be aware. Peachtree Family Offices has common ownership in a broker-dealer, asset management firm, research firm, and financial services organization. Peachtree and their affiliates and employees are engaged in businesses and have interests other than providing financial counseling services to individuals. This includes the management and sale of investment funds and other financial products that may be recommended to clients, and investment activities and business operations that may affect such products.


Peachtree and its employees or representatives may receive various forms of compensation, commissions, payments, rebates and services related to sponsoring, managing or selling investment products recommended to clients. This may incentivize Peachtree or its affiliates and their employees to recommend such products over others that might also be appropriate for clients. Peachtree’s arrangements with outside money managers, vendors, and other similar type parties may differ. Peachtree and its employees or representatives may receive greater compensation for accounts managed by Peachtree in relation to outside accounts for which Peachtree may be less actively involved and familiar. The potential conflict of interest resulting from the additional compensation described above is common in the industry and we believe these arrangements are appropriate and proper given the increased level of examination, licensing, registration, and other regulatory supervision that takes place in the investment industry. Peachtree and it’s designated principals and key employees have satisfied various regulatory examinations and registration requirements that allow this additional compensation and also the receipt of the normal and customary compensation that any similarly registered and qualified person could receive in the form of sales compensation.


If our supervised persons were not registered/licensed to sell the types of products/services addressed in the preceding section, the majority if not all of your investments or transactions involving such products would still result in you paying some sort of commission or fee. In the case of our supervised persons, their active registration/licensing may allow them to be able to receive such additional compensation.


Any Additional Compensation received by our supervised persons in connection with the products/services described in the preceding section is deemed routine and customary compensation for such activities and is not believed to be inappropriate.


Peachtree or its affiliates may engage in insurance or insurance related practices for the purposes of offering insurance contracts to clients, including fixed and variable life insurance contracts and/or fixed or variable annuity contracts for which Peachtree or its employees or representatives may receive additional compensation above and beyond asset management or consulting fees. Present and future activities of Peachtree will likely give rise to additional conflicts of interest. More information regarding business practices and conflicts is set forth in Form ADV brochure, which is available upon request. The aforementioned business practices and conflicts disclosed in form ADV are not all conflicts for which apply to Peachtree, but only the conflicts that relate to the reporting Registered Investment Advisor. All disclosures reported are believed to be appropriate and in line with the required regulations governing the Registered Investment Advisor for which the ADV is describing.

Peachtree may provide tax advice, and other related accounting services to its clients. In addition, in its capacity as an investment adviser, Peachtree may prepare reports that reflect a client’s overall financial position based on information provided to Peachtree by its clients The accuracy of these reports is the sole responsibility and dependent upon the clients ability to submit complete and accurate information. Peachtree does not acknowledge or act as a certifier for accuracy or completeness. Tax advice is provided as part of Peachtree’s services. These services are not related to the preparation or presentation of financial statements. Tax advice provided by Peachtree is not considered accounting advice. Peachtree sees accounting advice to be sought out as a separate service and may involve a related entity.

Peachtree Capital Corporation and Peachtree Capital Tax & Advisory do not provide assurance or accounting advice to its clients. Tax treatment is subject to change by law retroactively and clients should consult with their tax advisors regarding any tax implications.

Peachtree does not provide legal advice to clients. Clients should consult with a legal representative regarding any potential legal ramifications that may arise during or after any course of business conducted with Peachtree.

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